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NHS Launches TeamBirth Initiative

Northeastern Health System recently launched the TeamBirth initiative, ensuring continued communication and teamwork between the patient and those who are providing care during the labor and delivery process.


“The importance of TeamBirth is to help ensure that here at NHS we are giving quality, excellent and equitable care to every patient during the labor and delivery process; placing the patients preferences in the forefront of their plan of care,” said NHS Obstetrics Director Amy Dew. “We will utilize decision planning boards and team huddles to improve the communication between the patient, nursing staff, and the provider and with that, we can optimize our patients confidence that their voice is being heard; making them the center of their birth story.”


Designed to operationalize best practices in communication, teamwork and clinical care, TeamBirth invites patients into conversations and provides a structure that is easy to understand and participate in.


Research indicates that failures in communication between providers and between providers and patients accounts for up to 90 percent of preventable injuries during childbirth.


For clinicians, TeamBirth encourages all conversations to be had with the patient to promote effective team communication and alignment across the full team. The goal is to empower all members of the care team, including the patient themselves, to play an active role in shared decision-making to improve the safety and quality of care.   


The TeamBirth model was developed and rigorously tested by Ariadne Labs as part of its Delivery Decisions Initiative, a research and social impact program focused on transforming childbirth care around the world.


“All people who give birth deserve to have a safe, dignified experience. TeamBirth is an evidence-based approach to turn this vision into a reality,” said Amber Weiseth, DNP, MSN, RNC-OB, Director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Ariadne Labs. “We are excited to collaborate with Northeastern Health System to ensure that the patient voice is central to all decisions in labor and delivery. We hope to see this model continue to spread to ensure the best possible care experience for every patient, everywhere.”


During the pilot, the Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative found that shared decision making can improve patient satisfaction, safety and reduce anxiety. Regular team huddles ensure these practices, which involve the birthing person, nurse, delivering provider and any additional member of the patient’s support or clinical team.

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